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The Most Fun Way For Kids To Learn Spanish

Children are able to learn a new language much faster than adults, because a child’s brain's elasticity and neural formation allows them to learn, memorize and eventually comprehend at a much faster rate than adults. Take advantage of their screen time and make it educational by helping them learn a new language.

Choose from 100s of child-friendly movies, TV shows, cartoons and more!

Learning Spanish is Now As Easy As Watching TV!

Speak With Confidence

Many Lingopie Kids users see an 80% increase in their language skills and comprehension within the first 4 weeks. Which is much faster compared to a traditional classroom setting or with other apps.

Increase Comprehension

Over time, as your child uses Lingopie, their language comprehension and understanding of diverse topics will rapidly improve as well.

Sound Like a Native Speaker

With thousands of hours of original content, your child will be learning a new language as well as the correct accent. Soon, they will sound like a true native speaker!

Have Fun and Test Their Knowledge

Quizzes and saved flashcards allow your child to memorize new vocabulary and have fun while they’re doing it!

How does learning a language with TV work?

Research shows that children learn best when they are engaged, interested, and entertained.

Choose from our kid-friendly catalog

TV shows, movies and cartoons that are fun and educational content.

Dual subtitles

Every show has both English and Spanish subtitles for easy comprehension.

Click the subtitles for a quick translation

When your child needs a translation just click the word on the screen!

Handpicked by a Team of Experts

Our cartoons and child-friendly shows are handpicked by language experts to make the learning experience fun, engaging and educational!

Browse from hundreds of hours of the best kids TV from around the world

Choose TV shows by specific native accents

Deepen their knowledge with fun language learning tools like quizzes and flashcards

New TV Shows uploaded weekly

Interactive media player to watch, repeat and speak

Watch your child have fun & improve fluency in a matter of weeks (not months or years)

No studying boring textbooks or grammar rules. Turn screen time into education!

Browse from hundreds of hours of the best kids TV from around the world

Choose TV shows by specific native accents.

Deepen their knowledge with fun language learning tools like quizzes and flashcards.

New TV Shows uploaded weekly.

Interactive media player to play, repeat and speak

Watch your child have fun & improve fluency in a matter of weeks (not months or years)

No studying boring textbooks or grammar rules. Turn screen time into education!

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What Parents Are Saying About Lingopie

My Kids are LOVING IT!

The best app I’ve used to learn Spanish so far… and my kids are LOVING it too! Interactive, engaging and what you learn actually sticks…. Highly recommend!

-Chris M, USA


My Kids are watching cartoons and TV shows… they’re learning without it being a huge chore. So it makes teaching & learning a joy, to be honest

-Devlin W, Canada


Love this site. Great for kids, and intermediate-advanced language learners too…Brilliant for creating flashcards and testing their memory at the end of watching something.

-Elizabeth F, Great Britan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lingopie kids is the only language streaming service that offers hundreds of TV shows and movies specifically for children. So they can watch and learn a language in a new, fun way.

We use local TV shows, cartoons and movie from the country of the target language. Our interactive video player that lets your kids learn while they’re watching. They can learn the meaning of every word, phrase, or slang in a click to help teach language skills in a kid-friendly way that makes learning fun.

To help your child learn new words faster, they’ll play word games & collect flashcards throughout each show, so they’re building up their vocabulary. As they practice, you’ll see how many hours they’ve put in and be able to track their progress.

Lingopie Kids is for anyone who loves watching shows and movies—no matter your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

If the old way of learning doesn’t work for you or your child. It’s time to try something new—learning a language while streaming TV shows and movies.

Our team of in-house content editors have carefully vetted thousands of hours of programming and hand-picked the high-quality child friendly programming for your kids from around the world.

You can rest easy knowing your child will be watching kid friendly programming while they learn!

We created Lingopie Kids specifically for children aged 5-13 because this is an age when teaching a child a 2nd language is most effective. Our content has been vetted and rated to be appropriate for kids of all ages 5-13.

You get unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows to learn up to 9 languages. Our interactive video player makes learning fun with tools to practice speaking, comprehension, memorization, and pronunciation.

You also get unlimited access to TV, movies & shows with duo subtitles. All Lingopie review features including Flashcards, quizzes, games and more. Our interactive video player which dual clickable subtitles with instant translations.

You can watch Lingopie anywhere, anytime. Sign in to your account from a browser or the mobile learning app.

Lingopie is great for all levels, including beginners. You’ll be able to watch at your own pace, listen on repeat, follow the script, and collect flashcards. Our unique video player has learning tools that allow you to pause the video and record your pronunciation until it’s just right. You’ll also have dual subtitles so you can follow along in English, and get help with instant translations of any word or phrase.

After just a couple of episodes, you’ll start to see some major improvements. If you keep it up, you won’t feel like a beginner for long.

You’ll start to notice some revolutionary changes after only watching 3 or 4 episodes. We’re talking about serious improvement in your listening, comprehension, and vocabulary, but most importantly, you’ll be having fun while you do it!

After binge-watching an entire season of 8 episodes, your confidence will blow you away. Since you’ll be watching people speak a new language in context, you’ll start to pick up new words, phrases, slang, and grammar naturally. Of course, the more you watch, the more you learn. So how badly do you want to binge?

Statistically, 99% of online learning students give up in 3 months. It takes a lot of effort to learn in a course or classroom setting. As you can see, it doesn’t work for most people. That’s why we’ve created this fun and rebellious alternative. So we invite you to try out Lingopie for as long as you like. Watch local TV shows and movies to learn a new language and see how fast you start to recognize new words and perfect your pronunciation.

If you prefer learning with a teacher, on top of our video platform, we offer private 1-on-1 lessons you can book at any time. It’s a great way to discuss your favorite shows and review the new words and expressions you come across. It can also hold you accountable (if that’s what you want). All our Lingopie verified teachers are native speakers and ready to help you reach your desired fluency—while still keeping it fun!

You can watch all 8 languages with Lingopie, including Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

Lingopie is here for you. We don’t make it complicated or frustrating to stop learning. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account page.